Can I get pregnant with umbilical hernia?

It can only be said that an early pregnancy may cause recurrence. Every hernia carries a risk of incarceration and strangulation. Therefore, patients with an umbilical hernia and planning a gestation should be instructed about this risk.

Can a hernia affect getting pregnant?

Hernias & Infertility

Incarcerated hernias may also cut off the blood supply to one or both testicles, which could interfere with sperm production. These are just a few more reasons why you should have your hernia diagnosed and treated to avoid serious complications.

Can a hernia stop you from having a baby?

Even though hernia repair can potentially cause male infertility in some patients, rest assured that the risk of this happening is low, and that modern medical technology and surgical techniques have reduced the possibility of serious risks and complications.

Can an umbilical hernia cause pregnancy complications?

Symptomatic umbilical hernias can emerge in every trimester of pregnancy, and they may get incarcerated or strangulated during pregnancy, although the exact rates of these complications have never been reported.

Can you have a natural birth with a umbilical hernia?

Most women with hernias can have a normal, healthy vaginal delivery. If you have a small hernia, your practitioner will still likely recommend you labor as you would otherwise.

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Do umbilical hernias go away after pregnancy?

Postpartum hernias can happen for several reasons. See your doctor even if you don’t have any symptoms or the hernia is very small. Most hernias don’t go away on their own. You may need surgery for larger hernias.

Can hernia repair cause infertility?

Infertility caused by inguinal hernia surgery is a recognized complication. The cause of the infertility can be related to either the vas deferens or the testicle. The incidence of injury to the vas deferens during inguinal herniorrhaphy has been estimated at 0.3% for adults and between 0.8% and 2.0% for children.

Should you repair an umbilical hernia before pregnancy?

If the hernia is incarcerated or strangulated at the time of diagnosis, an emergency repair is inevitable. If the hernia is not complicated, but symptomatic an elective repair should be proposed. When the patient has a small and asymptomatic hernia it may be better to postpone the repair until she gives birth.

Can an umbilical cord cause a miscarriage?

Most umbilical cord conditions don’t harm your baby. But some can cause serious problems, including birth defects, miscarriage and stillbirth.

When should I worry about my umbilical hernia in adults?

Your doctor will recommend surgery right away if: You have pain, a swollen belly, or other signs of a rare but major problem called strangulation or incarcerated hernia. This can occur when the intestine gets trapped in the hernia sac and loses its blood supply.

How long is umbilical hernia surgery?

Umbilical hernia repair is a fairly quick and simple operation. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes and it’s usually possible to go home on the same day. However, some people stay in hospital overnight if they have other medical problems or if they live alone.

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Can umbilical hernias heal without surgery?

In many children, umbilical hernias can often be resolved with simple exercises instead of surgery. For adults, however, surgery is often required, and gentle exercise helps during recovery. Umbilical hernias in adults are generally caused by high amounts of pressure in the abdomen.